Mobile Auto Detailing in San Tan Valley, AZ

At Matrix Auto Detailing, your happiness is our #1 priority. That's why we go above and beyond to deliver only the highest quality services.

We show that we care with our careful attention to detail and flexible schedule.

Our team takes great pride in only using premium brands we know you'll love. Leave your car to our team of experts, and watch it roll like it just got out of a showroom.

San Tan Valley Detailing Packages

Have you thought of getting your car cleaned but can never find the time to drive to a car wash service?

End the wait. Let us come to you!

We value your time and strive to bring you premium services at your convenience. There's no need to step out of the house. We're here to provide you with the best quality mobile detailing right outside of your home or office.

We offer different packages to fit your needs and budget from interior only to a comprehensive interior and exterior cleaning overhaul!


We know the roads can be harsh here in San Tan Valley. The sand and rocks are enough to cause paint scratches, even with only a quick drive around.

What’s even worse, these car marks seem to get deeper every time you get an automatic car wash.

Fix the damage with our automotive superior paint correction service. So, there's no need for you to pay for a full paint job!

Forget cheap coats and rusty polishers. We'll win back that shine as quickly as three steps.


San Tan Valley isn't complete without dust storms and blinding heat. It deteriorates your clear coat faster than you can blink.

Getting a regular wax job might be a cheap way to resolve these damages. But the results are temporary. And the hassle and expense of repeated application will only prove your efforts are in vain in the long run.

For a more long-lasting result, we offer professional ceramic coating. After applying paint correction and exterior cleaning, your vehicle will be ready for the extra protection it needs!

This specialized coating will provide your car a durable defense against the elements while giving it a shiny glass-like exterior.

Our well-trained specialists will make sure your car isn’t handed back without beautiful protection that can last for up to five years!

Book now with us for a ceramic coating service that's worth every penny.

What sets us apart from other mobile detailers in San Tan Valley?

At Matrix Auto Detailing, we go the extra mile to deliver you extensive detailing services at your convenience.

Our trained experts offer nothing less than the highest quality car care with careful attention to detail.

Your happiness is our number one priority. And we go above and beyond to ensure you're satisfied with our services.


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