Mobile Auto Detailing in Ahwatukee

We at Matrix Auto Detailing pride ourselves on providing high - quality detailing work. Here, we combine a keen eye for detail with excellent customer service.

This is how we set ourselves apart from other car detailers in the Ahwatukee area. You can rest assured that your dirty car will come back to you in perfect condition

Ahwatukee Detailing Packages

We bring auto detailing options anywhere in Ahwatukee. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home if you book with us. Our detailing experts can work anywhere, which means we come to you!

Our detailing packages will fit any budget and any level of need. If it's your first time booking us, our best work happens through our three premium options. If you’re on a budget, we also offer 'interior only' and 'maintenance only' packages too.


Harmful elements and improper washing can leave scratches on and warp your car's paint. The bad news is that these kinds of damage get worse over time.
You don't need to get a new paint job to get this fixed though. We offer automotive paint correction with one-, two-, and three-step options to pick from.
Our experts have any level of damage covered. Using high-quality tools and materials, we’ll bring your car's exterior back to its original glory.


We know living in Ahwatukee brings its own challenges to car maintenance. You have to put up with dust storms and the harsh sun damaging your paint.

Regular application of a coat of wax might stave off this damage. But the best option is for one of our experts to apply a ceramic coating.

Applying this coating after cleaning and paint correction will provide lasting protection from wear and tear. Our experts went through intense training to make sure they know how to apply this coating.

As a bonus, the ceramic coating also gives your paint job a brighter, more robust shine.

What sets us apart from other mobile detailers in Ahwatukee?

Anyone can say they offer 'detailing services' and wash your car with soap and water. They might even offer to wipe down the interior with products they buy at the grocery store.
We don't do that here at Matrix Auto Detailing. The members of our crew aren't just any hobbyist detailers. We’re a team of trained professionals with the certifications to prove it.
Everyone here is an expert in auto detailing, paint correction, and ceramic coating application. We won't use unacceptable techniques or materials when working on your car. Cutting corners just doesn’t cut it!
You don’t need to worry; your car will be in good hands. Once you've given our services a try, we're sure you'll make us your exclusive auto detailer for life.


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